Wednesday, December 11, 2013





Poor people are getting poorer, rich people are getting richer. Life's just ain't fair. Different people have different problems. Different family have different issues. One worse than another.

Well...I guess, living a normal decent life is quite hard nowadays. The world is getting tougher to survive in. "Survival of the fittest".As the years pass, I've come to realize, the world is so realistic. Even some relatives of yours could just be a stranger to you when you needed help or support, whereas friends and others who actually helped and supported throughout the hard times. So basically, blood-related can mean nothing sometimes. But then again, keeping a relationship love or friendship also takes a lot of effort to actually keep everything working. Everything takes time and effort.

There's just so many things in my head spinning and wondering, but none could be said out, nor answered. Sighs.. Really just want to be a kid who is always being happy-go-lucky, forever staying in a dream within a dream. If and only if reality ain't that harsh, life could be much better.

*typing out some just not to keep everything in mind although it's endless*

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Reacher and The Settler's Theory

Ever heard of a relationship theory where there's a Reacher and a Settler? Well..I have not heard of it, till I've watched a comedy series, How I Met Your Mother. It's a theory that goes around a couple, where one of them is a Settler and the other is a Reacher. From Google and also reading some articles, the Settler basically settles for someone below their league; the Reacher is someone who reaches out of their league. While reading through, there are other theories, but this particular theory had my attention. Why??

It's because, this theory is implying on what my life is currently.

And......I am the Reacher. lol!

So, any couple ever thought of who is the Reacher or Settler? or any other similar theories?


So, I heard is the season for tonnes and tonnes of anime to release their new episodes or new season and so on. Thus, I have picked up 1 or 2 of the new anime to watch. They are plenty more out there being released, too much too watch, too little time.

First, this anime, recommend by my BFF! =3 M&M

Nagi no Asukara
A very interesting anime, where the people are separated living on land or in the sea. So far, only the 1st episode is being aired. Now waiting for the 2nd one. ^^

Second, hmm..there's too many to mention. I'll just say, I've finally caught up to Naruto Shipuuden latest episode and I must say, IT IS AWESOME! and it's gonna get even more interesting! Finished watching Shingeki No Kyojin. It seems the anime is being split into seasons, so..will just have to wait for the next one to be out. There's many I've watched over my holiday break..lost count, haha!

Just sharing out some anime I've watched ^^

Sunday, September 8, 2013




Sunday, May 5, 2013

5th of May 2013

I'm sure that all Malaysians know what is happening on 5th May 2013..and sadly! I'm just a few months away from being eligible to play a part in voting.. *Morally support* This will be a turning point for Malaysia towards a better future! Hope everything will be fair and clean during the counting of votes..Seriously.. I just couldn't understand why is there a need to play dirty tricks or pull some strings..Using all sorts of tactics just to continue eating up the country itself?  It's time for a change, so be it!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Hmm..has been a few months since I'd abandoned this blog.. And here I am now to update it a little as I find this the best place to voice out all the rantings and stuffs.. When i read back my previous few posts, its really all about ranting! hahas..I guess this is really the only place for me to voice out all my dull-ness and dissatisfaction in life..Every few months I just come back here, typing out stuffs which may seem lame or not important to other people, but to me, its I am just typing it out here and I am done about that matter! Here comes.......

And so..Went back to my "kampung", Selama for Chinese New Year celebration for about 3 days 2 nights..went back on Saturday, came back around Monday night. CNY is suppose to be like YAY! angpao! food! and etc etc..but this year, I don't know for what reason, from the start of CNY till now~ which is almost the end, I'm still not in the mood for that..and so happened, this year's Valentine falls in the same week of CNY..but sadly I'm unable to celebrate it is a delayed celebration which will be this weekend..And its officially 7 days (my longest record) for not meeting him, and with assignments and mid-terms around the corner(stressssssss) and plus this and that, made my days pass on even more and more dull..but today! had a wonderful outing with my friends! :) after so long since we had an outing! we talked and talked non-stop and walk here and there..oh, and a very long-time-no-see-keep-killing-me-friend called me and chatted awhile on the phone while i was out..then, later on, finally went back home just about 1 hour ago..thus, end of my Chinese New Year holidays, just like this weekend end, hell mode comes along~ 

have a wonderful evening :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Today, is such a tiring and long day. So much happened all of a sudden, I don't even have enough time to digest everything. Sighs.. Hope everything will go smoothly and I won't get distracted easily ~_~